Sweet n’Salty Swirl

Sunday Sundae: Fruit Swirl

Prep 10 minutes: Freeze: 5 hours Prepare: 5 hour and 10 min


2 Pints of Minus the Moo Vanilla Ice Cream

4 Tablespoons of Lyndigo Spice Fruit Spread or Chutney

8 in. Pan

Plastic Cling Wrap


1. While the Minus the Moo Lactose-Free  Vanilla Ice Cream softens (but not melts), line an 8 in. pan with plastic wrap.

2. Spoon 1 of the softened pints of lactose free ice cream into the lined pan.

3. Spoon two tablespoons of the Lyndigo Spice fruit spread over the surface of the ice cream.

4. Using a chopstick or spoon, swirl the spread through the ice cream. Be careful to not cut, rip, or puncture the plastic wrap lining the pan.

5. Add the second pint of Minus the Moo Lactose-Free vanilla ice cream to the pan and place the remaining fruit spread on top of the swirled mixture.

6. Using the spoon, swirl the fruit spread through the top layer of ice cream

7. Cover the finished ice cream, with plastic wrap and freeze at least 5 hours, or overnight.


What’s Lactase?!

Lactase Enzyme

Are you dying to know what the lactase enzyme is?  Have you been wondering if it was:

  1. Magic?
  2. Too sciency sounding to seem natural?
  3. Something from the future?
  4. WTF is an enzyme?

Well, if you have been left wondering, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the lactase enzyme – our secret, yet not so secret, ingredient.  To us it kind of feels like magic, but magic provided to us by none other than mother nature herself.

First thing you need to know is that the sugar found in milk is called lactose.  Lactose is a “double sugar”, meaning that two single sugar molecules are bound together by a common bond.  People who are lactose intolerant can’t break that bond apart because their body does not produce enough or any lactase.  Lactase is an enzyme, and enzymes are essentially the scissors of the body.  Enzymes are responsible for breaking apart the things we eat so we can digest them and utilize those nutrients for energy.  Our “guts” are responsible for producing these enzymes to allow us to break things down into digestible sizes.  So when you hear “gut health” that really just translates to helping our body get what it needs in order to keep our insides top notch and able to digest the foods we eat in the very best way!  Keeping your gut stress-free is the best way to rest easy and digest easy.  What better way to do that than to not have to worry about lactose at all?

The lactase we use is cultivated in the wild!  It is not something that is manufactured.  When yeast digests sugar the product it gives off as a result is none other than our magical ingredient – lactase!  Thankfully for those of us who can’t produce lactase, mother nature came up with an alternative solution for us to be able to bottle up this magic and make our favorite foods lactose free!  When the lactase enzyme is added to our rBST hormone free milk & cream, it breaks apart the lactose that lactose intolerant consumers can’t digest, so the ice cream becomes lactose free and easier for everyone to enjoy!  With gut health being something on the forefront of my mind, I cannot think of anything that makes my tummy happier than REAL ice cream, lactose free.


Our Mission

noun  mis·sion \ˈmi-shən\

a specific task with which a person or a group is charged

Every business starts with a mission – the driving force that is the catalyst, inspiration and motivation for companies, products, or services.  And this mission usually starts with someone noticing a need or a problem.  Minus the Moo’s mission started with Katy and ice cream.  

Katy has always loved ice cream and growing up it was a huge part of her life.  But in high school, the thing she loved so much stopped loving her back and sharing ice cream with others isn’t fun when it makes you sick.  Katy tried other options on the market, but no friends or family wanted to share a “frozen dessert” that tasted less-than or a lactose-free ice cream that sounded like medicine.   Ice cream is supposed to be fun – a simple joy of life that brings people together – and Katy’s experience with ice cream was always a letdown.  

After many failed study breaks and struggling to enjoy ice cream together throughout college, we decided that we wanted a premium ice cream that tasted the same as any other ice cream so that we could enjoy it together.  That is why the mission of Minus the Moo is to bring the joy of real ice cream back to those who previously could not truly enjoy the experience.  Now those who are lactose intolerant can share with those who are not without anyone having to compromise!

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– Gwen


Happy #NationalBestFriendDay!

Today is #NationalBestFriendDay, a holiday near and dear to our hearts.  For those of you who may not know us, we’re Katy and Gwen, the co-founders of Minus the Moo.  We have been friends since our college days at Villanova University and came together to create Minus the Moo based on our mutual love of ice cream!  Our friendship is a key ingredient in every pint of Minus the Moo so, to celebrate #NationalBestFriendDay which just happens to also fall on #womancrushwednesday, we wrote each other super sappy surprise blog entries to express our love and appreciation.  We encourage all of you to tell your Best Friend how much they mean to you too!


Villanova Graduation 2012.   [Left to Right:  Friend Erin Ogilvy, Co-Founder Gwen Burlingame, Co-Founder Katy Flannery, Friends Kaitlin Divinnie, Laura Bradley, and Megan DePippo]

To Gwen, Love Katy

Okay everyone, in honor of National Best Friend Day I want to share with you my ode to Gwen as my best friend and business partner. 

I am going to take this opportunity to get a little sappy and start this off with some song lyrics… I apologize in advance.  If you are ever wanting to have a little sob fest about how much you love your best friend, I encourage you to listen to “For Good,” (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ0pXUb5jVU) from the Wicked soundtrack and enjoy all the feels that are associated.

“I’ve heard it said

That people come into our lives for a reason

Bringing something we must learn

And we are led

To those who help us most to grow

If we let them

And we help them in return

Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true

But I know I’m who I am today

Because I knew you…”

When I was in college I used to joke with my friends that one day I would find a way to make the best lactose-free ice cream there ever was.  It wasn’t until August 2014 when I was at a reunion with my college friends that for the very first time I felt this dream might possibly become a reality.  I was joking to the group about it when Gwen turned to me and said if you want to do this, I will do it with you.  Her certainty in that moment changed everything and in my heart I knew something great was to come.  All of a sudden this thing that I had dreamt about that had felt so abstract for so long turned into something tangible. Gwen doesn’t totally believe in fate but I do.  I often ask myself how starting my own can company can feel so natural and settling despite all of the turmoil associated with it.  In truth, I think a huge part of my happiness and sense of peace in this crazy endeavor is because of Gwen.  For those of you who know Gwen personally know that she is one of the funniest, kindest and most level headed people I know.  She obviously is plagued with the worst case of #fomo ever but, it is part of her charm.  She works harder than anyone, can juggle 1 million tasks at a time and despite all of that will drop everything if you need her and never make you feel like you interrupted something important.  During college Gwen was one of my friends who I wanted to be just like “when I grew up.”  She had changed me even before all of this had begun.  Without Gwen I do not know if I would have ever taken this huge leap of faith to leave my career in nursing and pursue my dreams of equality in a lactose free ice cream world.  I have been challenged in ways I never knew possible but, with Gwen as my business partner I am somehow still here, excited for what is to come and thrilled to be on this ever so sweet journey with my best friend.  I like to think that I have helped her to grow too but I know that either way, she has changed my life, for good. – Katy

To Katy, Love Gwen

And Today I’m crushing on my dear friend and business partner, Katy…

Katy and I launched Minus the Moo last May at the SOWA market and into stores in April, but have been working on the concept for this company for almost two years now and the majority of that has been long distance – Katy in Boston and me in NYC.  With all the technological advancements of the day it would seem easy to work from different cities but the reality is that Katy has had to pick up a lot of production, in-person meetings, deliveries, presentations, errands, and other to-dos that could have been divided equally, had we been in the same place.  While I did my share of traveling on the weekends, Katy has had to keep Minus the Moo up and running day-to-day in Boston on her own.  I am constantly amazed at her ability to maintain momentum, uncover needs, and solve problems.  She gracefully transitioned from caring nurse to badass business woman, while maintaining a strong sense of self.  In addition to her magnetic personality and – my favorite part – her unfiltered sense of humor, Katy’s contagious passion for this project is one of the key reasons that I felt we could turn Minus the Moo into something special.   Her passion is representative of so many other people who have lactose intolerance, but what makes Katy stand out is her desire to drive a change for others too. 

We often joke that a business partnership is more like a marriage than anything else.  Being a business partner you are truly committing yourself to another person, making important decisions with them, promising to stand by them in trying times, and trusting them to do the same.   When I have felt myself losing steam, Katy has been there to propel us forward and never allow us to fall stagnant.  When I am overwhelmed and I can’t keep anything straight (hello, Delta flight fiasco of 2015) Katy’s sharp mind and attention to detail helps sort the clutter.  And when I honestly just need a friend to support me during this challenging journey, she understands what I am going through and offers encouragement – even if she may be feeling the same way herself.  I think our differences make our partnership stronger and I am so thankful.  I learn so much from her every day and feel lucky to call her my business partner and most importantly, friend.  XOXO, Gwen.

Happy National Best Friend Day!

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone, Sprinkled with Sea Salt

With the warmer weather finally here I was so excited to finally enjoy an ice cream cone in true summer fashion!  Being lactose intolerant, it is hard to go out to a local scoop shop and indulge in my ice cream cravings so it inspires me to get crafty at home.  Hopefully as Minus the Moo grows you will be able to satisfy your ice cream cravings anytime, anywhere!  With this I decided I wanted to make some quick and easy chocolate dipped cones to have with Minus the Moo Vanilla.  As I was making them I decided to take it up a notch and sprinkle some coarse sea salt on the chocolate for a blend that is both sweet and salty.  This yummy combination edge mixed with the chocolate and vanilla flavors created the most magical ice cream cone experience, so I broke down the recipe below for you to try at home…

Recipe Details


1 pint of Minus the Moo Vanilla (or flavor of your choice!) ice cream

5 ice cream cones (to make a whole box tipple the chocolate chip amount)

1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Before you begin, find a safe place for cones to rest while the chocolate is hardening.  I used wine tasting glasses because they were the perfect height.

Start by putting 1/3 cup semisweet chips into a microwave safe bowl.  Use a small bowl so that the depth of the chocolate in the bowl is perfect for dipping the cones.  I used my glass measuring cup.  Heat the semi-sweet chips in 15 second increments, stirring in between until all of the chips are melted and the chocolate has a glossy sheen to it.

Take one cone and dip the top into the chocolate.  Twirl around so that the top inch of the cone is covered in chocolate.  Take a spoon and drizzle a teaspoon of chocolate into the bottom so you can have an extra treat at the end!  (Tip: This also prevents the ice cream from dripping through the bottom of the cone and making a mess!) Sprinkle coarse sea salt around the chocolate to taste.  Place gently in the cup and put in the freezer to set for 1 hour.  Repeat this process until your cones are prepped and ready!

After one hour, scoop as much Minus the Moo ice cream as you can to fit in the cone!  Any of our flavors would complement these nicely but I thoroughly enjoyed the classic Vanilla and Chocolate combination.  Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends – Equal Opportunity Enjoyment is what Minus the Moo is all about!

With lactose free love,

Katy & Gwen

Fa-la-la-lactose Free!

Tis the season to treat yourself to some festive desserts!  Here at Minus the Moo, we think there is no better way to celebrate this holiday season than with some delicious Fa La La-catose free treats for all to enjoy.  We have put a spin on our signature lactose-free Vanilla that makes it perfect for any winter occasion.  All you need is candy canes and a pint of Minus the Moo Vanilla ice cream!

“We elves stick to the 4 main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.”- Elf


To make Minus the Moo’s Candy Cane Ice Cream you will need:

1 pint of Vanilla Ice Cream

5 Candy Canes (yields ½ cup crushed candy canes)

Directions:  Unwrap 5 candy canes, place into a baggy and crush into small pieces.  You want to make sure the pieces are not larger than a chocolate chip.  Add ½ cup crushed candy canes to 1 pint of vanilla ice cream.  Remove Vanilla ice cream from pint container and mix with crushed candy canes in a medium sized mixing bowl.  Once evenly mixed transfer ice cream back into the pint container and place in the freezer.  (Helpful hint: put your mixing bowl in the freezer 1 hour prior to making the ice cream, the chilled bowl will prevent the ice cream from melting as quickly).


September Schedule from MTM

Happy September, everyone!

1102Many people (incorrectly) believe ice cream is a seasonal treat, reserved for hot summer days.  Well, the pints that grace my freezer all year round would beg to differ, so we are welcoming the beginning of fall with open arms and spoons.

We have tons of fun events coming up this September, so sneak a peek at our monthly calendar below and keep checking back for more as the month rolls on!

September 19th (time TBD) – Minus the Moo Pop-Up Shop at Lululemon on Newbury!

337 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Come enjoy some naturally delicious lactose-free ice cream while you shop for some new workout gear!  NOM -aste!

September 20th 11am-5pm – Boston Local Food Festival

Minus the Moo will join other farmers, local restaurants, food trucks, specialty food producers, fisher folks, and organizations focusing on healthy food and fitness from around New England at this free festival on the Greenway in Boston!  Learn more at http://bostonlocalfoodfestival.com.

September 6th, 13th, 27th – South End Open Market @ SOWA 10am-4pm

500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

September 12th and 26th – Egleston Farmer’s Market @ Sam Adams Brewery

45 Brookside Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

We hope to see you there!