All About That Base

Here at MTM we are all about that base – ice-cream base that is.  Not all ice cream is created equal.  Delicious flavor and creamy texture starts with the base.  We were surprised to find out that many ice cream companies and shops use pre-made mix, but each flavor created by Minus the Moo is handmade, entirely custom and with love.

Sweet Cream Dream

Our vanilla is anything but base-ic.

Our base is made from scratch… and we mean from SCRATCH!  We have selected our ingredient partners with care, ensuring they match our mission and values. Our star ingredient – our dairy – comes from the happiest Jersey Cows (which is a type of cow, not the location) in the state of Massachusetts.  High Lawn Farm is located in Western Mass and brings us the high quality dairy that gives our ice cream the creamy texture we all love and didn’t think was possible in a lactose-free ice cream… until now.

Minus the Moo is founded on the belief that ice cream is exactly what it says it is – iced cream.  You will never find stabilizers, chemicals or additives in our ice cream.  If we can’t pronounce it, well then it just doesn’t belong.  Our base is simple, pure and allows us the premium foundation to create innovative flavors that lactose-free ice cream lovers have been missing for far too long.

Memorial Day Menu

Having a Memorial Day barbecue and need a dessert all your guests can enjoy?

Don’t forget to order your Minus the Moo pints for pickup!

Choose from Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip.

Contact us to order your pints!

Want more of these four? Order for pickup!

Want more of these four?
Order for pickup!

Announcing Pints for Pickup

We have an exciting announcement today on the MTM Blog…

lactose free ice cream pints

Minus the Moo is now offering Pints for Pickup!

Check our website each week to see what lactose-free flavors we are churning up, then contact us to place your order!

This week’s flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Espresso and Sea Salt Choco Chip.

Don’t forget to mention your name, flavors, and which location you will be picking up from – then enjoy Minus the Moo all week long!

Pickup Times/Locations

Saturday 8am-2pm

196 Quincy Street, Dorchester, MA


Sunday 10am-4pm

South End Open Market @SOWA

500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

When Life Gives You Lemons…or Sea Salt

This weekend at SOWA, Minus the Moo is launching a brand new flavor!   We have lots of favorites, but this flavor is especially close to our hearts – because it was completely unintentional.

sea salt chocolate chip lactose free

When life give you lemons…or sea salt…make YUMMY ice cream!

Unlike many ice cream brands, Minus the Moo is made from an entirely custom mix, hand-made in small batches in our kitchen in Dorchester, MA.  We are always testing and trying out new flavors, but typically with an outcome in mind.  Last weekend, we were making a vanilla base mix trying to get our ingredient ratios just right.  Someone suggested adding a bit more sea salt, so naturally we doubled it.   Big mistake – or so we thought…

We were salty (pun intended) with gallons of “ruined” batter made from the last of this week’s dairy shipment.  We couldn’t serve our patrons salty ice cream…could we?  Well, we can and we will, with a deliciously sweet twist.  Introducing Minus the Moo’s new Sea Salt Chocolate Chip!

Salty, Sweet and Lactose-Free.  Try some this Sunday 10-4pm at the South End Open Market @SOWA – 500 Harrison Ave, Boston!

The First of Many @SOWA!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support the launch of Minus the Moo this past Sunday at the South End Open Market @SOWA!

market light

Ready for launch!

Sunday morning was a whirlwind in the kitchen – packing up the pints, loading the freezer, chalking up on menu board, and making sure not to forget anything crucial.  “Where are the tablecloths?!”  Thank goodness for our dream team – Kristen, our Scoopervisor, Michael, CFO, and the Flannerys, our lifesavers.   Without them there is no way we would have been able to get everything there, set up, and ready to go.

photo 3

Dream Team

When we began this project 9 months ago, we decided SOWA would be a great place to start.  We had talked frequently about our expectations for the day, trying to be realistic and not getting our hopes up.  We were so lucky this past Sunday was a perfect day for ice cream – 70 and sunny – surpassing every expectation we had for our first day!  We appreciate everyone’s interest, feedback, and open-mindedness to try a lactose-free ice cream, helping us sell through all 17 gallons of ice cream before the market was over!

photo 1

Hearing everyone’s feedback was especially helpful and rewarding.  One customer told us “[Minus the Moo] is going to change my life”.  Perhaps this was hyperbole, but it was reassuring to hear that Minus the Moo was fulfilling someone’s need.  One mother told us that she was so happy she found an option that both her sons – one lactose-intolerant and one not – would love.  That is what Equal Opportunity Enjoyment is all about!

market 2

A few patrons asked where we sell our product and the answer for now is “right here at SOWA!”  Our dream is to one day sell in retail stores, but in the meantime we are going to set up pints for pick-up from both Crop Circle Kitchen in Dorchester on Saturdays and SOWA on Sundays to offer customers more flexibility!

Check back soon for more information on how to order pints for pickup.  And if you want to help the cause, go into your local Boston grocer and ask for Minus the Moo by name.  Maybe one day we will make it to your freezer aisle!

See you next week!

Equal Opportunity Enjoyment

If you have read our About Us, you know that Minus the Moo was founded by two ice cream lovers – one lactose-intolerant, one overwhelmingly sympathetic.  I, being the latter of the two, cannot imagine my life without ice cream.  Now that may sound dramatic, but those who know me know it is absolutely true. Not only do I always have a pint of ice cream in my freezer, but some of my favorite memories from growing up are after dinner pit-stops at Baskin Robbins with my family, waffles & ice cream for breakfast on special occasions – thanks, Mom – and the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck jingle as it pulled up at the pool in the summer (Did anyone else love those WWE Wrestler Pops?  The best…).  Ice cream has often strongly been tied to happy, fun times and no one should miss out on the simple pleasure of enjoying full flavored, real dairy ice cream.

In college, I witnessed Katy “managing” her lactose-intolerance.  She has always been an ice cream lover and continued to eat it despite her growing intolerance to lactose.   When all our friends would go out for fro-yo or have a scoop with cake on someone’s birthday, Katy never wanted to be left out and faced the consequences later.

For those who are not familiar, lactose-intolerance is the body’s inability to digest lactose, which is a sugar found in dairy.   As someone who is not lactose-intolerant, I was shocked to find out that about 65% of adults have lactose-intolerance in varying degrees.   This may be why there has been a recent rise in diary-free frozen dessert options out there, but it is a common misconception that lactose-intolerant is the same as diary-intolerant.  So why should lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers settle for dairy replacements, when they can subtract out the part that causes their discomfort – they can minus the moo, so to speak?

When Katy began creating her own lactose-free recipes, she wanted to fill the ice cream void in her life and thought other lactose-intolerant individuals might be looking for the same.   But the mission of Minus the Moo is bigger than that.  Minus the Moo is not just for the lactose-free, it’s for everyone.  Minus the Moo tastes like real ice cream because it is real ice cream.  Nothing substituted, only subtracted. Minus the Moo is Equal Opportunity Enjoyment and we can’t wait to share it with you all this summer!

Moo-sic To Mix To

The first time we took a tour of Crop Circle Kitchen, we found a few other businesses working hard in the space.  They were cooking and packaging, but most notably – BLASTING music and having so much fun!!

We are going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen this summer churning up our lactose-free love for the South End Market @SOWA, so we are going to need some upbeat Moo-sic to Mix to.  We will be sharing a few tunes each week off our kitchen playlist and hope you will all share a few recommendations with us as well!