Dates, Olives and Ice Cream!

On Minus the Moo’s very first day at the South End Open Market at SOWA, we set up shop next to Seasoned and Spiced, a local business founded by Chef Ranita Mendonca that makes wholesome Indian-inspired foods that are ready to eat (and super delicious).
photo 2

Now Ranita has embarked on a new adventure opening Dates and Olives Mediterranean Grill in Brighton.  Along with all Ranita’s incredible dishes, Dates and Olives will offer Minus the Moo on their menu!

photo 3

We are so excited to be a part of this amazing new business and hope everyone will stop by Dates and Olives at 160 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA – now open!photo 1

With Love To Our Scooper Troopers

When starting a business many people will tell you it will be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life.  Despite all of the forewarning, we persevered with our undying passion for lactose-free ice cream.

Before we even launched, we often felt that for every two steps we took forward, we took three back.  Our family and friends have continued to share this dream with us and give us the encouragement we needed to forge ahead.  They push us forward, help us see the big picture and remind us of our starry-eyed dreams that took us from an idea to your spoon.

Each and every week at SOWA you will find our army of Scooper Troopers, named for their dedication to ice cream and Minus the Moo.  They give up their weekends to work for free – or rather to be paid in lactose-free ice cream –  and stay up late with us to discuss our finances, costs, plans, designs and sometimes just how to keep on MOOOOOving.


Without our friends and family, Minus the Moo would not be where it is today.   And while starting a business is one of the hardest things we have ever done, with their support it is ever so sweet.

Commonwealth Kitchen Summer Festival

Don’t miss Minus the Moo this Saturday, July 11th at the Commonwealth Kitchen Summer Festival from 4-7pm at 196 Quincy St, Dorchester, MA 02121!

We will be there with all our friends from Commonwealth Kitchen for an evening of fun and LOTS of food!! It’s the perfect opportunity to try some amazing new Boston food trucks and vendors.

RSVP here!

CWK summer festival invite July 11 (1)

All About That Base

Here at MTM we are all about that base – ice-cream base that is.  Not all ice cream is created equal.  Delicious flavor and creamy texture starts with the base.  We were surprised to find out that many ice cream companies and shops use pre-made mix, but each flavor created by Minus the Moo is handmade, entirely custom and with love.

Sweet Cream Dream

Our vanilla is anything but base-ic.

Our base is made from scratch… and we mean from SCRATCH!  We have selected our ingredient partners with care, ensuring they match our mission and values. Our star ingredient – our dairy – comes from the happiest Jersey Cows (which is a type of cow, not the location) in the state of Massachusetts.  High Lawn Farm is located in Western Mass and brings us the high quality dairy that gives our ice cream the creamy texture we all love and didn’t think was possible in a lactose-free ice cream… until now.

Minus the Moo is founded on the belief that ice cream is exactly what it says it is – iced cream.  You will never find stabilizers, chemicals or additives in our ice cream.  If we can’t pronounce it, well then it just doesn’t belong.  Our base is simple, pure and allows us the premium foundation to create innovative flavors that lactose-free ice cream lovers have been missing for far too long.

Memorial Day Menu

Having a Memorial Day barbecue and need a dessert all your guests can enjoy?

Don’t forget to order your Minus the Moo pints for pickup!

Choose from Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip.

Contact us to order your pints!

Want more of these four? Order for pickup!

Want more of these four?
Order for pickup!

Announcing Pints for Pickup

We have an exciting announcement today on the MTM Blog…

lactose free ice cream pints

Minus the Moo is now offering Pints for Pickup!

Check our website each week to see what lactose-free flavors we are churning up, then contact us to place your order!

This week’s flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Espresso and Sea Salt Choco Chip.

Don’t forget to mention your name, flavors, and which location you will be picking up from – then enjoy Minus the Moo all week long!

Pickup Times/Locations

Saturday 8am-2pm

196 Quincy Street, Dorchester, MA


Sunday 10am-4pm

South End Open Market @SOWA

500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

When Life Gives You Lemons…or Sea Salt

This weekend at SOWA, Minus the Moo is launching a brand new flavor!   We have lots of favorites, but this flavor is especially close to our hearts – because it was completely unintentional.

sea salt chocolate chip lactose free

When life give you lemons…or sea salt…make YUMMY ice cream!

Unlike many ice cream brands, Minus the Moo is made from an entirely custom mix, hand-made in small batches in our kitchen in Dorchester, MA.  We are always testing and trying out new flavors, but typically with an outcome in mind.  Last weekend, we were making a vanilla base mix trying to get our ingredient ratios just right.  Someone suggested adding a bit more sea salt, so naturally we doubled it.   Big mistake – or so we thought…

We were salty (pun intended) with gallons of “ruined” batter made from the last of this week’s dairy shipment.  We couldn’t serve our patrons salty ice cream…could we?  Well, we can and we will, with a deliciously sweet twist.  Introducing Minus the Moo’s new Sea Salt Chocolate Chip!

Salty, Sweet and Lactose-Free.  Try some this Sunday 10-4pm at the South End Open Market @SOWA – 500 Harrison Ave, Boston!